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Be kind to the Earth….

It’s where you keep all your stuff!  Image


Rainy day @ #Michiganbackper.
Testing posting from my Droid.  This looks promising

Steve…. You are a Great Friend and hilarious sometimes.


Loaded and ready to go….

Stayed at a great site for the night….

Got this great shot of Jason and the morning sun on the way out….

They will think it is so cool.  It is. 

Keep you child’s pack light… (Carry most of the stuff). They will have a great time and sleep well.

The first time I saw someone using trekking poles, it made little sense to me.  It seemed like overkill.  Well, add a few years of age on the bones and a 35lb pack….  Now I totally understand.  Saves the knees.  I can go farther, safer, faster (if needed) for longer with these poles!  I can feel that it spreads the load out on my body more and I get a better more balanced work out as well.  Bonus!Image

They will surely smile.  Playing in the dunes and at the beach at Nordhouse Dunes Recreation Area.  Image

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