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Food always tastes better while camping.–WTFGLlTLgQ/RmXa4UX9ZGI/AAAAAAAAESI/j15qBSvyKpY/s1024/IMG_3380.jpg



Steve…. You are a Great Friend and hilarious sometimes.


They will think it is so cool.  It is. 

Keep you child’s pack light… (Carry most of the stuff). They will have a great time and sleep well.

On this hike we crossed the “Little Mac”. The second largest suspension bridge in Michigan. Second only to the Mackinac Bridge.

Steaks on an open fire. Nice.

Looking forward to another Michigan Summer at Nordhouse Dunes. A short hike to the beach and you have left 95% of America tethered to their cars. Enjoy your own private beach front campsite.

Manistee River Trail and Canoe Trip, Michigan

My nest for the night

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