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Unless you use a camp bucket like this or if you want to save more weight and are willing to spend, get this one  Although, I’m not sure that the sil nylon will be durable….  Want to offer one up for review Sea to Summit?  @seatosummitgear ?

Sometimes I make myself laugh 🙂

Sea to Summit Camp Bucket



This tent is a great trade-off to having a rain fly.  It has two doors and 6 vents.  It’s roomy.  It’s light.  It’s Bombproof against bad (really bad) weather.

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The first time I saw someone using trekking poles, it made little sense to me.  It seemed like overkill.  Well, add a few years of age on the bones and a 35lb pack….  Now I totally understand.  Saves the knees.  I can go farther, safer, faster (if needed) for longer with these poles!  I can feel that it spreads the load out on my body more and I get a better more balanced work out as well.  Bonus!Image

I like this tool the most!  Got H2O?


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